How to Prevent Common AC Repairs in Georgetown, TX

AC Repair Georgetown, TX

You can avoid expensive AC repairs with regular maintenance and care. By taking the time to handle a few DIY tasks, you can help prevent common AC repairs in Georgetown, TX. The team at DTC Air Conditioning & Heating has put together the following tips to help your AC work efficiently, keeping your family cool. We also provide some of the consequences of avoiding these essential tasks.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduling regular AC maintenance can keep your cooling system running smoothly. Our certified technicians conduct a thorough inspection. This gives you a clear understanding of any parts that require further attention or replacement. Additionally, we have several maintenance and service options that we can tailor to fit your needs.

During your annual maintenance, our team performs the following tasks:

  • Change air filters.
  • Inspect all components.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Tighten electrical and other connections.
  • Document any potential issues.
  • Provide a quote for any needed AC repairs.

Cleaning the Coils

In general, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils is best left to trained professionals. It’s easy to damage the sensitive coils responsible for removing hot air and supplying cool air to your home. However, leaves, pebbles, and mulch may collect around the outside of your outdoor unit. You can safely remove these items to prevent them from getting into your AC system.

Changing the Air Filter Regularly

How often should you change your air filters? That depends on how often you use your system. During the warmer months of the year, you should change them every three months, or whenever they get dirty. Clogged filters may prevent free airflow, meaning your AC will use more energy and work harder than necessary. To prevent expensive AC repair and wear and tear on vital components, keep your air filter clean.

For the best results, check your filters monthly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, contact the pros at DTC Air Conditioning & Heating.

Avoid Overloading the Unit

Do you have a small AC unit? If so, it’s important not to constantly run it, expecting it to cool a large home. For a properly sized AC installation, call our HVAC technicians. We’ll measure your home and determine the right size and style of unit to best cool your property!

Checking Your Thermostat Batteries

Checking your batteries can keep your programmable thermostat working, so you can always control your HVAC system. This important step also ensures that you don’t lose your programmed settings. For traditional systems, constantly draining batteries may indicate your legacy air conditioner is at the end of its useful life. Reach out to DTC for thermostat repair and replacement services.

Keep Vents Open

Keep your vents open, making sure not to block them with furniture or other objects. Blocked vents make it harder for your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable. This could result in preventable AC repairs or part replacements.

Contact us today to schedule AC repairs in Georgetown and the surrounding communities.

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