Heater Service & Repair
in Georgetown and Surrounding Areas

Don’t Suffer in a Cold Home This Winter

If you find yourself in need of service or repairs for your heater system, we can help – fast! Here at DTC, you’ll have access to our home comfort experts who are trained and skilled in repairing your system, no matter its age or the problems you’re experiencing. 

Georgetown and the surrounding communities enjoy beautiful hot summers…and surprisingly chilly winters. Once November hits and winter settles in, your heater will be called upon to warm up your home and keep your family comfortable. Your heating system has been working reliably for years. But what happens when one day, it doesn’t?

Do I need a heating system repair?

Sometimes systems just make noises or start up slow, right? So, how can you be certain that your system requires repair? Here are a few sure signs that your furnace or heat pump requires service: 

Strange Sounds
If your furnace or heating system makes strange noises, such as a knock, clank, or grinding sound, it’s not performing at its peak. Some sounds allude to very small or insignificant problems but others can be hazardous. It’s important that you invite an expert to your home right away to assess the issue and repair it swiftly.

Strange Odors
As with sounds, smells can indicate problems big and small. Usually when the season starts, and you use your system for the first few times, you’ll smell a slightly hot and dusty odor that dissipates quickly. This is normal. However, if your furnace is emitting a strange or potent odor like natural gas, rotten eggs, smoke, or sulfur – it’s time to bring in an expert. Your system likely needs to be repaired in order to operate safely and effectively. 

Cost Increase
Some problems aren’t as easy to detect at the surface. Your system may appear to be working perfectly well. However, if your bills increase significantly mid-season, you might find that your furnace or heating system is overusing energy. This overuse could be due to overt cycling (turning on and off), labored performance, or air leaks in your ducts or throughout your home.

Failure to Start or Slow Start
If your system doesn’t kick on when it should, you may have a problem that requires immediate servicing. Just like a car that won’t start, your heater’s failure to launch could be the sign of a small problem or a huge one. The longer you wait to call in a technician, the more likely it is to be the latter.

Uneven or Insufficient Warmth
Furnaces are designed to keep us safe and comfortable in the winter. Faulty heaters can cause uncomfortable cold spots in your home. And, they cause inflated energy bills because of your inefficient system. The purpose of a heating system is to have reliable home comfort. If you’re dealing with uneven or insufficient warmth, you’re not only going to be uncomfortable. You’ll be spending more, too!

You shouldn’t have to suffer an entire season of patchy and unstable warmth in your own home! Your assigned DTC tech can provide a prompt and lasting solution for your underperforming heat system.

Will my heating service be expensive?

The cost of heating repairs will vary by the type and severity of the issue, which can lead to increased labor and parts expenses. We can’t quote a price on your heater repair until we diagnose the issue, but there are a few ways that we can help you save. Our financing options allow you to pay off larger repairs in smaller, more comfortable payments. We also offer seasonal promotions that can help you save on repairs and other services.

To prevent high-cost repairs, consider a maintenance plan that keeps your system running at its best. Just as you get routine dental checkups or take your car in for a tuneup, regular heat pump or furnace maintenance will keep you informed and keep surprise costs at bay.

How do I choose an HVAC contractor for heating service?

Once you determine that your heating system needs to be repaired, you’ll need to shop around and review HVAC contractors in your area. Here in Georgetown, you’ve got options. While many of our colleagues do a wonderful job, we pride ourselves on being highly trained, highly experienced, and conscientious to your needs.

Look for a contractor that will work with your schedule, investigate the problem holistically, and provide clear and effective heater repair options. Choose someone with a good reputation and years of experience in the area. Most of all, choose someone who does heating repair differently and treats you like family.

DTC does heating repair differently 

Join the DTC family. We take pride in our commitment to GeorgetownLeander, Cedar Park, Round Rock and the surrounding area. Our technicians take ongoing training and maintain high-level certifications in the field. 

As a team, we make sure that every homeowner we serve feels like the VIP that they are. With DTC, every HVAC system repair is done professionally and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your fast and easy heater repair.