Furnace Replacement and Heater Installation
in Georgetown and Surrounding Areas

Georgetown, TX heater replacementWhen you think of Texas, there’s one thing that immediately comes to mind: the sweltering summer heat! And while we’re fortunate to enjoy sunny summers, many people in Georgetown, TX, and surrounding areas are sensitive to our surprisingly chilly winters. In 2020, we even had some snow flurries! So, you may be thinking about a furnace replacement.

An efficient, dependable heater will make all the difference in your comfort during the winter. That’s why we here at DTC Air Conditioning and Heating provide high-quality furnace installation services.

Is your Furnace Ready for Replacement?

Most homes in the Georgetown, Texas area have heating systems like furnaces, heat pumps, or ductless mini-splits. But mostly, houses in this area use a furnace for heating. When it comes to furnace replacement, there are a couple of items to consider:

Are you having any operational problems with your furnace?

Heating and cooling should be one thing: reliable. If you notice any problems at all with how your heater is functioning, we can help. Some common problems people notice include strange smells, loud noises, and a home that never seems to get warmed.

Our qualified technicians will see if they can resolve these problems with a repair. But, you may need to replace your heater, in which case our team of professionals will explain all the options.

How long has your furnace been installed?

Furnaces can last for 20 years or longer—but that hinges on how well you have maintained it. If your furnace is over 10 years old and you haven’t had annual maintenance, it may be time to think about a replacement.

A new furnace will have modern technology, such as improved efficiency and safety. 

How massive are your energy bills in the winter?

Heaters eat up a ton of energy. So if your bills are out of control, your furnace could be to blame.

Furnace efficiency is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Old units could have energy efficiency (AFUE) ratings as low as 78%. Something closer to 80-85% is normal for the industry. New units have efficiencies as high as 97%. 

If your system has a low AFUE rating, that could cause high energy bills. A new furnace can save you money immediately after installation.

Buying a New Furnace

Selecting and purchasing a new furnace for your Texas home is a big investment. Here at DTC, we are committed to making the process painless, while keeping you in the loop throughout the process. At this price point, we know it’s important to you that your money is well spent. 

Here are the key steps in buying a new furnace: 

1—Choosing a New Furnace—Some contractors will simply install the newest model of whatever furnace is currently installed in your home. But what if something different would better suit your budget or needs? At DTC, we will evaluate your home and talk to you about what’s important in a heating system. We’ll provide several options of Carrier furnaces for you to choose from. 

2—Seek out Special Deals and Financing  – To help make your purchase more affordable, our team will help you find discounts and rebates to reduce the price of your new unit. And we offer financing. That means you can break down your new system into smaller monthly payments. 

3—Quick and Easy Installation – We’re eager to make things easy for our customers. We know you’re busy, and something like a furnace installation is a huge disruption to your home. Prepare for an installation to take 1-2 days. When our technicians are finished, they will leave your home just the way you had it—and with a fully-operational new furnace 

Why Choose DTC Air Conditioning & Heating for your Furnace Replacement

For a heating system installation in Georgetown, TX, and surrounding areas, DTC Air Conditioning & Heating simplifies any challenge with affordable solutions.  

Our experienced team handles furnace replacements every day, so you can trust that your installation will go smoothly.  

Plus—we are your neighbors! Our team is local to the Georgetown TX area and has been for 30 years! Support our community by hiring your locally owned HVAC business: DTC Air Conditioning & Heating.

Contact DTC at 512-887-5091, and we’ll accommodate your busy lifestyle with convenient scheduling, quick turnaround, organized work areas, and skilled services you can trust – guaranteed!