Ductless HVAC Sales & Service
in Georgetown and Surrounding Areas

Looking into installing a new air conditioner or heater? You might find a ductless HVAC system to be a good fit for your home in Georgetown or surrounding areas.

What is a Ductless HVAC System?

Ductless HVAC systems, sometimes called a mini-split or ductless minisplit system, have been around for some time, but due to their more recent popularity, they make up only 5-10% of all residential HVAC systems installed in our area. But don’t let their lack of popularity sway you. At DTC we have had many customers who are extremely satisfied with their ductless HVAC system and are seeing more and more demand. A mini-split can solve several common HVAC-related gripes, including: 

  • Hot or cold spots around your home, like one room being too hot
  • Temperature swings
  • Different household members wanting different set-point temperatures
  • Noisy on and off
  • Expensive energy bills
  • Too much equipment to maintain
  • Not enough space above the ceiling for ductwork, piping, and other equipment

Our team is trained in mini-split sales, installation, repair, and maintenance. We would be happy to talk to you personally about whether a ductless HVAC system is a good fit for your home. Call us at 512-887-5091.

How is a mini-split ductless HVAC unit different from what I have today? 

Do you have a big, cube-shaped, metallic device sitting outside your home? That is called a split direct-expansion or split DX cooling unit. This system has been around for many years and it’s the most common type of cooling system in central Texas. 

A split DX is on/off, a mini-split is dimmable

To explain how a central AC works, think about lights inside or outside your home equipped with automatic illumination. When it gets too dark, the lights turn on. And when the sun rises or there is enough light in the room, the lights turn off. Similarly, a traditional split DX air conditioner turns on when your thermostat senses it is too warm in your home. Then, it turns off when it senses it’s cool enough. Most split DX systems have just one mode of operation: on. Just like a light switch, the air conditioner is on or off. 

By contrast, a mini-split is more like an automated light with an automatic dimmer. Consider that when our light bulb decides there’s not enough light and turns on, it also picks a dimming level. If it’s dark in the room, the light bulb will automatically turn on to full brightness. If it senses the room has some light inside, the bulb automatically chooses a dimmed setting to match. A ductless unit will not only sense whether it is too hot or too cold… it will sense by how much. Likewise, a ductless HVAC unit will automatically adjust how much cooling to provide to match exactly how much air conditioning is needed. 

Because of this “dimmable” air conditioning, you’ll feel more comfortable, experience fewer temperature swings, and use less energy. 

A traditional air conditioner serves the whole home as one, a ductless HVAC treats rooms individually

Have you ever noticed that some rooms or spaces feel warmer or colder than others? A traditional air conditioner is turning on and off based on one data point: the temperature of the air surrounding the thermostat. So you tell us: do you spend most of the time hanging out in the hallway? We didn’t think so. 

In comparison, a ductless HVAC system with multiple indoor units will control temperatures for individual rooms. During a hot summer day in Cedar Park, you might not need to turn the HVAC in your entire home to 70F. With a ductless mini-split system, you could have your unoccupied guest room at 78F, your master bedroom at 75F, the playroom at 73F, and the den at 70F. Each room gets its own temperature setting. This keeps every person comfortable and significantly reduces your energy consumption.

DTC Air Conditioning & Heating provides Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless HVAC systems are an intriguing alternative to the traditional cooling equipment. A mini-split is a flexible solution for several different comfort conundrums. The heating and cooling experts at DTC can answer all your questions about ductless HVAC units. 

We install Carrier mini-splits for our customers in Georgetown, Round Rock and surrounding areas, but we can service any mini split unit. Some of the brands we service include Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, Lennox, Haier, and Hitachi. Contact us anytime for ductless system installation or service: 512-887-5091