Why choose ductless mini splits?

Ductless mini splits in a living room of a home

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing HVAC system, or need a heating and cooling system for new construction or addition to your home, your best investment may be a ductless unit. Even if you have a traditional central heating and cooling system that’s supported by ductwork, a ductless system could save you money upfront and long-term. But what makes ductless mini splits so cost-effective?

Ditching ducts offers three main cost savings advantages for ductless mini split systems:

  1. Pushing air through ductwork leads to costly “air leaks” along the way. Even the most effective ductwork still creates a less direct pathway for the newly heated or cooled air to travel through. That leads to extra energy consumption. If ductwork is loose, it forces the HVAC system to work that much harder to compensate for the lost air. Plus; using refrigerant pipes instead of ductwork is much more effective. A traditional system relies on air for heat transfer, but refrigerant is a better energy transfer fluid.
  2. Ductwork is expensive to install and maintain.When you choose a traditional HVAC system, you’re not just paying for the unit itself. There is a cost for the materials and labor involved with installing ductwork to direct warm or cool air throughout your home. And if you already have ductwork? You’ll need to pay for maintenance over time, like ductwork cleaning.
  3. Ductless systems are more efficient. Think your energy bills are just fine? Wait until you see a bill with a ductless system installed. Mini splits can be over 50% more efficient than a traditional system. That means your bills get cut in half – as long as you have the system installed.

The benefits of ductless mini splits don’t just stop at dollars. Their discreet and modern performance provides homeowners complementary conveniences that result in more efficient and effective home comfort solutions.

Seamless performance

A ductless AC unit is an all-in-one, wall-mounted mechanism with a slim design. From design to function, it’s unrivaled in its ability to provide high-performance home comfort solutions while also being out of sight and out of mind.

The wall-mount, interior units blend into homes without impeding floor space or aesthetics. You won’t have to rearrange your furniture to make way for vents or registers. For new constructions of smaller homes, the lack of ductwork and bulky furnaces can allow architects to design floor plans that are more efficient and functional. With no space required for ductwork, you can achieve higher ceilings or reduce construction costs.

The outdoor mini-split condenser is much smaller than the average condenser. Not only will this be less of an eyesore for your exterior, but it allows the condenser to operate much quieter. This means fewer disruptions to movie nights or serious family discussions.

Part of what enables ductless systems to operate so efficiently is the technology that they use.

Ductless mini split is the most efficient technology in the industry

We’ve talked about how the innate lack of ductwork avoids costly air leaks (which is between 20-30% air loss on average). However, this isn’t the only advantage that the more direct from the source approach of ductless AC provides. 

A mini-split HVAC system can operate at varying speeds. So, rather than blasting air throughout your home at 100% power, a ductless mini-split will only operate at the speed necessary to achieve the desired temperature setting. If that takes 100% of the system’s capacity, that’s what it will operate at. If that only requires the system to operate at 40%, then you’ll conserve that extra 60% of energy consumption without compromising on home comfort.

Ductless AC is extremely versatile

Whether your property has a unique configuration or you host frequent guests, ductless systems allow for greater comfort control. By installing multiple interior units, each section of the home can select a different temperature setting. This is ideal for homes with occupants that naturally run at different body temperatures.

If you’re adding on a new addition to your property, ductless mini splits allow you to skirt the costs of expensive ductwork. Instead, we can install ductless systems in a day. That saves you money on labor fees and getting your new addition “livable” that much faster.

Considering the switch to ductless or still have more questions? Reach out to one of our expert technicians to see how easy ditching ducts can be for your home or office. Give us a call during regular business hours at 512-887-5091 or fill out our contact form anytime!

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