Indoor Air Quality
in Georgetown and Surrounding Areas

As the saying goes, a healthy home is a happy home. Even the most diligently tidy homeowners can overlook one massive part of the home to keep clean: the air! Improving your indoor air quality or IAQ can have a dramatic effect on your health. Not only will you feel better, you’ll stay healthier, sleep better, and be more productive. 

Enhance Your Home Wellness With IAQ Solutions

Are you or your family members constantly sneezing or suffering from an itchy throat? How about waking up too tired or with watery eyes? These are symptoms that air inside your home isn’t in top condition. Our indoor air quality experts can help tackle these common household health problems: 

Seasonal Allergies

If you’ve lived in Central Texas for any period, you have likely suffered through Cedar Fever. And the worst bit is that there seems to be no escape from the allergy affront: even inside your home.

Spread of Sickness

When one person living in your home gets sick, everyone is bound to catch the virus, right? Even if you are careful to sanitize every surface, germs can survive as airborne molecules. When the air circulates through your air conditioning and heating system, it spreads the virus into additional spaces and rooms all over the house. 

Sensitivity to Dust

Asthma sufferers know that dust is the enemy. The fine debris can come from anywhere and settles into every nook and corner of your house. Regular dusting only kicks up the powdered grime into the air – for everyone to cough on. 

We have the answer to all these common household problems! DTC Air Conditioning and Heating offers top-quality air quality solutions to ease allergies, remove dirt and debris, and eliminate microscopic germs from the air. Put your trust in our experienced team members to solve this problem.

The air you breathe is directly correlated to your quality of life. Pure, clean air has changed the lives of several Georgetown area families. Now it’s your turn to experience fresh air – inside.

The Best Air Purifier Fit for your Texas Home

Over the past decade, the science of air quality has advanced significantly. One thing we have learned is that small, plug-in air purifiers are not effective in treating air quality problems. Why? These miniature appliances only treat the air within 2-3 feet of the device location. So an air purifier plugged in at your bedside is not helpful to treat air in the living room. 

The best air purifier you can purchase is one that can treat all the air inside your home. You may not realize that your air conditioner fan pulls all the air inside your home through your unit at least eight times a day. That makes your HVAC equipment the perfect location to install an air purification device. 

We have experimented with many air purifiers on the market, and after careful review we recommend the MicroPure Air Purifier by Dustfree. This product is both very affordable and very effective. Ionic oxidation is used to change the charge of molecules in the air to capture the contaminants. Then an ultraviolet light destroys the pollutants and sanitizes the air. 

The installation is very simple. We can mount the air purifier inside your existing ductwork. Call us for more information: 512-887-5091.

Air Filtration Systems

If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, then you are likely already familiar with air filter MERV ratings. A filter’s MERV rating refers to the effectiveness of the filter media to capture smaller particles. The higher the MERV rating, the more that the filter can catch.

So it’s simple, right? Just install the highest MERV filter you can find? There are a few details you should know when installing a high-efficiency filter

Filter Replacements

The old standard of replacing a filter every 3 months is no longer the norm, particularly if you use a high efficiency filter. Filters with a higher MERV rating will get dirtier, faster. That means they need to be replaced more frequently. Filters are most effective when they are clean and new. Plus, if you have any pets, that could drive up the frequency of your air filter replacements. 

Airflow Problems

Consider the difference between these two kitchen devices: a colander and a fine-mesh sieve. Both will allow water to run through when washing food items, but the fine-mesh sieve will capture more solids, ultimately making it more difficult for water to pass through. Similarly, a filter with a high efficiency rating can cause airflow problems for your HVAC system. If the fan cannot pull air through the filter, your system may automatically shut off to prevent overheating or over cooling the stagnant air. 

At DTC, we have years of experience in evaluating homes in Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas. We can recommend the very best air filtration system for your home. The Carrier and Honeywell Filters that we offer are top-notch. We will install the filter that is the best balance of fresh air and performance to ensure you stay comfortable in your home. Call us for our expert opinion on your air filter: 512-887-5091.

Your Georgetown, TX Indoor Air Quality Professionals

Your house is your home. So, you should be living in comfort year-round. At DTC, we care about your indoor air quality. We can put a plan together to wipe out those sneeze-inducing allergens drifting around your home. Call our team to schedule an appointment and leave the hard work to our team. Call 512-887-5091 today!