HVAC Maintenance Plans
in Georgetown and Surrounding Areas

Your air conditioner and heater keep your Georgetown area home comfortable all year round. That is… until it doesn’t. HVAC systems are hidden away in your attic, closet and/or outside and you know how the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. Most homeowners only call us when their HVAC has stopped working and they need immediate AC service or an emergency heater repair. But you can avoid the frustration and inconvenience of a breakdown with regular maintenance. That’s where our HVAC maintenance plans come in. 

Preventative Maintenance: The Secret to Saving Money

The concept of maintenance is simple – to keep things in tip-top shape. In fact, we do a lot of maintenance in our everyday lives. We brush our teeth to maintain the health of our mouth and teeth. We trim our nails to keep them looking manicured and to prevent painful breaks. We check our email inboxes constantly to prevent an insurmountable backlog. Without maintenance, things can get pretty out of hand! 

The same is true for heating and air conditioning units. These pieces of mechanical equipment have lots of moving parts and pieces. It’s like your vehicle. Consider this: you probably drive your car for only an hour or so a day, but your air conditioning and heating are on-demand 24/7.  Your HVAC puts in a LOT of hours – and left without a service visit for years on end, it’s no wonder that parts break or stop functioning. 

That’s why maintenance is so important. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured your system is in good shape and you don’t have to worry about a surprise malfunction. After all, that’s why we get oil changes in our car at regular intervals – to prevent an inevitable breakdown if you don’t! 

Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary?

100%, absolutely, YES.  Here are just a few of the reasons why every homeowner must get HVAC maintenance: 

  • Save on Repair Costs – What would happen if you never got the oil changed in your car? Most likely, you’d end up broken down on the side of the road, at an inconvenient time, and dealing with an expensive repair. Taking care of a repair before it causes a breakdown can save you hundreds – even thousands– of dollars in repair costs. 
  • Extend the Life of your HVAC–Most HVAC units can last 15 years or longer… with regular service. Without annual tune-ups, you will probably need to replace your air conditioner or heater much sooner. With a small regular investment in maintenance, you can delay the big investment of a new AC installation by several years.
  • Save on Energy Costs–Regular maintenance can significantly cut your energy bills–sometimes by as much as 30%. 

When explaining the value of regular HVAC maintenance to Georgetown homeowners, everyone agrees that it’s important. But one year passes, then another… and before you know it, it’s been five years or longer and your air conditioner or furnace still hasn’t been serviced. 

So, although a tune up is important, here at DTC we find there are two main factors people don’t schedule service:  

Remembering to Schedule–With all the things going on in your life, there’s enough to remember. Keeping tabs on when your HVAC maintenance is due is unlikely to be top of mind.

No Daytime Availability–Most of our customers are working 9-5 jobs, so trying to schedule a home service appointment during the day can be tricky.  

Finding the Budget–A service visit can cost between $75-$150. And given your AC & heat is already working, it can be tough to justify spending that kind of money. 

Given this feedback, we came up with a solution: HVAC Maintenance Plans.

What is an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

An HVAC Maintenance Plan is service, simplified. You pay a one-time membership fee and receive a year of benefits, including two maintenance services, from our local HVAC technicians. We call it our Priority Service Club. 

An Affordable HVAC Maintenance Plan

For a low annual fee, members of our Priority Service Club receive two maintenance visits a year. 

  1. Spring Visit – air conditioner tune-up for one system
  2. Fall Visit–heater tune-up for one system

The fee for our annual membership is more affordable than scheduling two individual service calls. Plus, our members receive additional discounts on repair services. Call us now for maintenance plan pricing details: 512-887-5091. 

Automatic, Convenient Scheduling of HVAC Service

With an HVAC Maintenance Plan, you can stop worrying about scheduling your next service. When it’s time for your service, we will reach out to you and find a time that works in your schedule. 

As a bonus, our Priority Service Club members get access to after-hour and weekend appointments at no additional fee. 

Other Discounts and Benefits for Members

Our members get access to several other exclusive benefits, including: 

  • Priority Service Guaranteed–when a Priority Service Club member calls for service or repair, they go to the top of the list.
  • 10% Off Repair ServiceIf our knowledgeable technician recommends a repair for your system, you’ll get 10% off that service.
  • One Year Parts Warranty on Approved RepairsWe always strive for high-quality service, but if something goes wrong, the cost of parts is covered under our warranty.
  • 10% Discount on Freon ChargingFrom time to time, your air conditioner may require additional refrigerant to get it back to top performance. Members get 10% off this service!
  • 10% Discount on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) AccessoriesBreathe better with one of our indoor air quality accessories. 
  • Membership automatically renews–To make it as easy as possible on our customers, we automatically renew membership on your anniversary date. That’s one less bill to remember to pay!

There are many reasons a maintenance plan is a logical choice. We designed the Priority Service Club with our customers in mind. This is a much better value than scheduling one time maintenance, and we take care of getting you scheduled. It’s an easy decision.

<< Check out our Infographic on Maintenance Agreements>>

Become a Priority Service Club Member with DTC Heating & Air Conditioning Today

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We are a small business serving the Georgetown area for 30 years, and we would be honored to have your business. We aim to treat every customer just like a family member. Our mission is simple: we are not comfortable until you are. If you’re ready to save money with an HVAC maintenance plan, give us a call: 512-887-5091.