The Future of Home Cooling: Smart AC Systems  

Smart thermostats

With the growing list of smart devices, it’s no wonder there are many options for advanced home cooling. Smart AC systems allow you to control your home comfort remotely and save money on your energy bill. Now, that sounds like a bright idea most homeowners can get behind. Learn how smart AC systems are changing the HVAC landscape and the advantages they’ll bring to your home in Georgetown.

How Smart AC Systems Are Changing Home Cooling

The emerging trend of smart AC systems is transforming how Texans keep their cool in warmer months. The truth is, smart ACs work the same way as traditional ones. However, you can operate them with your fingertips from a smartphone or tablet. If you want to schedule your AC to turn on 30 minutes before you get home, simply schedule it before you start your commute. You can even turn the system off from your bed.

How do you get your hands on this power? You’ll follow the instructions from the manufacturer, which usually involve downloading a user-friendly app that communicates with the brain of your programmable AC. Additionally, most of these systems can talk to your smart home systems, enabling you to make changes with voice commands. How cool is that?

Benefits of Advanced Cooling Systems

Smart air conditioners are energy efficient and convenient. They can also save you a ton of money!

Energy Efficiency

Once you program your smart AC, it will operate within the desired parameters. This saves energy as opposed to having the AC run at full capacity when you aren’t home. You can shut the system off when you’re working or running errands and have it kick in at just the right time to conserve energy.


Are you tired of looking for the AC remote? Do you still walk to the thermostat every time you want to adjust the temperature settings? Advanced systems detect the room temperature, turning the AC on just long enough to maintain your remote-controlled temperature settings.

Integrate your intelligent home cooling with other smart home devices if you want to walk through the door to a cool home and a hot meal. You can even program your smart TV to play the latest Netflix movie.

Cost Savings

You can cut costs by setting your AC temperatures higher while you’re out of town or on the go. Because you consume less energy with efficient AC management, you could see a significantly lower monthly energy bill.

How Hot Cooling Tech Integrates With Smart Home Devices

If you have reliable Wi-Fi, customizing your home cooling is a breeze. At DTC Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer expert recommendations on smart AC systems that meet your cooling needs. Contact us today for a free in-home evaluation!

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