Should I Repair or Replace My Old HVAC System?

AC Repair or replace

We know air conditioners keep your home cool and comfortable when the weather turns hot. However, wear and tear, aging, and other factors influence how long they will last. When should you consider another AC repair vs. a new AC system?

Work with the DTC team of licensed pros to determine whether AC repairs or a new HVAC make the most sense for your family. Below, we’ve put together factors that will help you make the right decisions for continued home comfort.

Consider How Old Your AC Is

Most cooling systems last about 15 years. This is a big consideration when determining whether to invest money in costly repairs. Here’s the rule that we use. If it costs more than half the value of a new HVAC, AC replacement is the clear choice. Our team will also provide itemized estimates so that you can compare your options objectively.

Our factory-trained technicians offer satisfaction guarantees for each air conditioning installation. You also receive a 100% factory guarantee to show our confidence in our work and our suppliers.

Energy Efficiency Equals Savings

A new HVAC works much more efficiently than older models. Repairs can prolong the life of your current system, but they do little to improve overall performance. With a new AC, you can enjoy much lower energy bills and do a favor for the planet. Over time, the higher costs of AC replacement become negligible if you take these considerations into account.

Frequent Breakdowns Are Inconvenient and Expensive

Frequent AC repairs quickly add up. Plus, your older system could be causing irreparable harm to the environment. If you’re paying for frequent repairs, stop. Talk to one of our knowledgeable experts about the true cost of repairing your old air conditioner vs. replacing it with a modern one.

Maintain Home Comfort Without the Hassle

Newer systems offer better humidity control and consistent temperatures for your Georgetown home. Improved comfort and a more inviting home make it easier to entertain. So, say goodbye to the hassles of DIY repairs or regular calls to the DTC AC repair team.

Advantages of Technology Advancements

With the help of our certified technicians, you can compare older systems to newer ones. As technology advances to meet stricter regulations, newer ACs become increasingly more efficient. Ask about smart thermostats, zoning capabilities, and diagnostic features that optimize your home cooling environment.

Financing Plans Built for Individual Needs

Our financing team is available to explain the different payment types available. Eligible customers receive financing options that make HVAC replacement more affordable. Rest assured that we’ll work hard to come up with a plan that speaks to your individual circumstances.

Additionally, you may qualify for government and utility rebates, depending on the type of equipment you install. Our team will do everything possible to save you money on your residential heating and cooling needs.

Contact DTC for Trusted AC Repair and Replacement in Georgetown

Reach out to the leading HVAC company in Georgetown and surrounding communities for all of your cooling needs. Whether you require AC repair or replacement services, we can provide the expertise to ensure your home remains cool even in the hottest part of Texan summers.

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