Financing Your New AC System

We don’t have to tell you that living in Texas involves a high tolerance for hot, humid summers. A reliable HVAC system is a must to help you keep your home comfortable year-round. If your AC system isn’t keeping up with keeping you cool, or you are looking for a unit with better energy efficiency, DTC Air Conditioning and Heating can help with financing a new system. For the best options with AC financing, read on…

DTC Financing Options

DTC offers financing primarily through two lenders, each of which has unique strengths:

  • Financing from AC Credit: This option is designed for Texans only and offers an easy online application, no money down, no prepayment penalty, and fast approvals. Interest rates, terms, and promotions vary, depending on your credit history and the timing of your application. You can apply for AC Credit financing today!
  • Financing from Synchrony Financial: With over 80 years of financing experience, Synchrony offers a simple application process, fast credit decisions, monthly payment options, optimal interest rates, and no prepayment penalties. You can choose deferred interest, no interest, or fixed payment options, depending on your eligibility. Apply for HVAC financing with this DTC partner today!

Both options can help you finance your HVAC projects, so you can compare them based on your budget and preferences. The pros at DTC Air Conditioning & Heating are ready to walk you through the process to make it easier to get started on your HVAC installation, replacement, or repairs.

Benefits of HVAC Financing in Georgetown

By financing your new AC, mini-split replacement or furnace installation, you can keep your cash for emergencies and monthly bills. With fast credit approval and convenient payment options, there’s no downside to affordable financing.

Finance through DTC directly to avoid paying a large upfront cost and secure low monthly payments. When you upgrade to a new, more energy-efficient system, you save money on energy bills and avoid potentially costly HVAC repairs.

Reach out to our team today at 512-887-5091 to learn how you can take advantage of promotional offers and low interest rates from reputable lenders. Contact a friendly, knowledgeable DTC team member to find out how to get started. Get a free quote today!

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