Ductless Mini Split Systems Explained

Ductless HVAC systems provide flexible options for home comfort. There are many reasons it makes sense to add ductless HVAC systems to your Georgetown area home. Perhaps you’re planning to add a new room or need more cooling power in your sunroom, attic, or other space. In many cases, ductless mini split systems give you an affordable, functional way to cool your home. You can even use ductless HVAC systems to cool your entire property. Reach out to the air conditioning pros at DTC to schedule a consultation and keep reading to learn more about how these systems work.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split System?

These compact units provide heating and cooling for small areas. However, you can create zones for even temperatures throughout your home. Many customers choose ductless HVAC systems to eliminate the need for major construction that could disrupt the architectural detail or structural integrity of their properties.

Mini split systems bring cool air from outside indoors during the warmer months and bring warm air inside during the colder months without relying on duct work. Our professionals only require a hole large enough to hold a thin tube holding the power and drainage lines. Let us help you look out for your family’s comfort with the right HVAC system for you!

Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split System

Mini split systems are more compact than traditional air conditioners. This makes them ideal for new additions or tight spaces. If you want to cool down or heat up a smaller room, ductless HVAC systems might work for you. Additionally, mini splits cost less than traditional HVAC systems, particularly because you don’t have to install ductwork to deliver cool air throughout your home.

If you want to create zones with different temperature settings, ductless mini split systems are the ideal solution. For example, homeowners with multi level homes use them downstairs during the day and upstairs during the night.

The energy-efficient design means that you could find yourself paying lower energy bills than with your current HVAC system. Depending on the size of the unit, you can typically heat between 200 to 1,200 square feet with a single unit.

If you have an older home or don’t currently have an HVAC system with ductwork, mini splits can save you time, money, and hassle. You can also have them installed in workshops and garages or anywhere you want controlled comfort.

How Do Ductless HVAC Systems Work?

A ductless mini-split system operates similarly to other HVAC systems. There’s an exterior unit that supplies air to one or two interior units. If you want to install more than two units, you’ll typically need additional outdoor units to supply the necessary air.

Indoor units typically mount to a wall and require a small hole for a flexible tube, which delivers refrigerant and electricity to and drains condensation away from the interior unit. You can control your ductless mini-split system with a remote.

Best Georgetown Mini Split Installation, Repair, and Replacement Team

If you would like a professional recommendation on mini split installation or replacement in your Georgetown home, we would be happy to help. We’re familiar with all makes and models of ductless HVAC systems. Contact DTC for all of your heating and cooling needs in Georgetown and the surrounding communities!

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