5 Signs Your Heater May Need Service  

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Perhaps you’ve noticed signs that there seems to be something not quite right with your heater. Whether you have a furnace, gas heater, or other heating system, it’s important to pay attention to signs you may need heater repair. Putting off furnace service can lead to poor performance that affects the comfort level of your home and increases your monthly energy bills.

When to Call for Heater Service

Look out for signs that something is amiss with your heat pump, furnace, mini-split, or other HVAC system. Recognizing the following signs gives you time to call in the experts at DTC, the area’s premier heating service company.

  1. Your energy bills are on the rise. If you open your monthly energy bill to a shockingly high figure, it may be time for furnace maintenance or repair. A dirty filter, loose parts, or lack of lubrication can cause uneven wear and tear on your system. Contact us today to inspect your system and provide timely heater service for your Georgetown area home.
  2. The heater short-cycles. You turn your heater on, and it runs properly for a few minutes. Then, it turns off suddenly. The cycle continues and you wonder what’s going on with your furnace. Whether your furnace constantly runs or turns off soon after you adjust the temperature, irregular activation causes wear and tear on your system and uneven heat throughout your home. Fortunately, we are quite experienced with this issue and can repair your short-cycling heater promptly.
  3. You have weak airflow. Do you have strong air flow coming from the vents and circulating throughout your home? If so, you have a healthy heating cycle. On the other hand, if you feel weak air flow and have cold spots in different areas of the home, it’s a sure sign that something is going on with your heater, requiring furnace repair from certified technicians.
  4. There are strange smells in your home. If your heater is giving off the smell of wet socks, you may have a clogged drainpipe. A burning smell can indicate electrical issues that threaten the health and safety of your family and home. Additionally, gas furnaces should not leave the smell of gas lingering in your home. If you notice any of these issues, contact us for urgent heater service. We’ll tell you whether to shut down your system or whether it’s safe to leave it on until we arrive.
  5. You have insufficient heat. If your furnace or other heater fails to produce enough warmth for your home, that’s a serious issue. Putting off furnace service can lead to the early demise of your HVAC unit. Instead, call DTC for immediate assistance and an upfront quote.

Top Furnace Service in Georgetown and Surrounding Areas

These are just a few of the most common signs that you may need heater repairs for your home in Georgetown or surrounding areas. The experienced HVAC technicians at DTC provide courteous service and clear explanations as well as no-surprise quotes, so you can make the right decision for your home and budget.

Contact us today for all your heater repair and service needs, including maintenance and tuneups as well as repairs!

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