2022 Home Maintenance Schedule

Are you the type of person that just LOVES home maintenance tasks? We didn’t think so. Clearing gutters, changing filters, and vacuuming dark corners isn’t how most of us want to spend our free time. But something else we all have in common is that your home is your biggest investment. Keeping it in tip-top shape is crucial! As we roll into another new year, it’s a good time to reflect on your household maintenance. It’s challenging to remember all the things a Georgetown homeowner needs to do on an irregular basis. We’ve put together this handy home maintenance schedule to help you out. Your home will thank you!

Georgetown TX Home Maintenance Schedule

Enroll in a Maintenance Plan

One of our top tips for keeping up with maintenance is to sign up for a maintenance program. Many homeowners feel guilty for not keeping up with all the required maintenance.  A maintenance agreement can automate your home maintenance, so you’ll never miss an important maintenance task.  

DTC offers a maintenance plan to help Georgetown, TX area homeowners knock one item off their to-do list: HVAC maintenance. Our maintenance agreements include scheduling reminders – that means you don’t need to remember to call. We will call you!

Why Heating and Cooling Maintenance is a Must-Do

Having your heater and AC unit serviced annually is one of the most important pieces of home maintenance. We depend on heating and cooling units to help us feel comfortable. If either system breaks down – particularly during a deep freeze or a heat wave – it’s not just uncomfortable. That can be a safety issue, particularly for elderly family members. 

Even if your system seems to be running smoothly, a simple tuneup can shed light on issues that are hidden. For example, a crack in your furnace could cause a carbon monoxide leak. 

Finally – if your home comfort system isn’t running at peak performance, you’ll experience higher energy bills year-round. So make absolutely sure you schedule service of your heating and cooling system annually to protect the safety and comfort of your family! 

Home Maintenance Checklist for Georgetown Homeowners

With our easy to follow schedule, you can fix up your home with small improvements over the next twelve months. Check out the helpful graphic above, and get started on home maintenance today.

Monthly Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Change Your HVAC Filters
  • Clean Your Oven Range Hood Filter
  • Clean Your Kitchen Sink Disposal
  • Inspect All Fire Extinguishers
  • Clear Away Dead Shrubs or Plant Growth Near Your Home

Quarterly Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Test All Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Test Garage Door Openers and Safety Sensor
  • Clean Garage
  • Check Water Softeners for Salt Levels
  • Repair Grout in Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Wash All Windows
  • Clean Dryer Vent and Other Exterior Exhaust Vents 

Semi-Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Deep Clean Your Home
  • Schedule HVAC Maintenance
  • Flush Your Hot Water Heater
  • Check All Exterior Locks in Your Home and Replace as Needed
  • Clean Your Gutters
  • Vacuum Refrigerator Coils
  • Change the Direction of Ceiling Fans

Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Inspect Your Home’s Roof and Siding for Damage
  • Repair or Replace Damaged Window Screens
  • Replace Caulking & Weather Stripping as Needed
  • Declutter Basement and Closets
  • Paint Exterior Trim
  • Patch Cracks in Driveway and/or Walkways
  • Repair or Replace Broken Sprinkler Heads

Call DTC for HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your home is all about prevention. And preventing what exactly? Those small problems that can turn into big headaches. Unfortunately, preventative maintenance only works if you remember to take care of it.  

Keep our schedule posted on your fridge to help you remember. And, sign up for a maintenance program with your favorite local service providers to automate as much of your home maintenance as possible. Sign up for our HVAC maintenance plan today! DTC offers heating and cooling tune up services to Georgetown and surrounding areas like Cedar Park, Hutto, Leander, Pflugerville, and Round Rock.

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