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Which is Better to Keep Cool: Ceiling Fans or AC?

Georgetown AC repair

How often do you use your ceiling fan? We find that many homeowners in Georgetown have fans installed on the ceiling in nearly every room of their house, but hardly ever turn them on. The fact is that most of us get conditioned (pun intended!) to using the ever-convenient air conditioner. But ceiling fans are a useful- and underutilized- comfort tool. Today we’re tackling a common comfort question: is the AC or the ceiling fan better to keep cool? 

Keep Energy Bills Low with Ceiling Fans

Homes in the Georgetown area spend 27% of their energy bill on air conditioning, so it makes perfect sense to look for ways to limit that number. Ceiling fans use far less energy than even the most energy-efficient air conditioner. So, it’s a match made in heaven to save on costs- and help save the planet.

For every degree that you increase your thermostat and use a ceiling fan instead, you can save 3 to 6 percent in energy consumption. So if using fans allows you to set the temperature to 78 degrees instead of 72, that can reap enormous energy savings. 

Many people aren’t in the habit of turning a fan on and off when you leave the room. We often hear concerns about forgetting to turn a ceiling fan off at the end of the day or running a bedroom fan all night, and what that might do to their energy bill

Here’s what we have to say to that: First, a ceiling fan running all night long will not even come close to the amount of energy your AC will use in a single hour. Second, consider the fact that your air conditioner runs all night long, even though you are sleeping only in one bedroom. That means your AC is cooling many spaces that are unoccupied: the kitchen, the living room, the dining room… that doesn’t make much sense (…or cents!). Ceiling fans are always the more cost-effective option to stay cool. 

By the way, this is one reason ductless HVAC systems are so efficient – they cool each room independently. So if keeping energy usage low is on your mind, give us a call and ask for more information about a ductless mini-split. 

The Convenience Factor: Air Conditioning Wins

Making full-time use of your air conditioning is the easiest – and delightfully lazy – option. After all, your AC is there to keep you cool! So why not? Use that AC and revel in the chill factor. 

One thing that we just LOVE about air conditioning is the how simple it is to control. Unlike a ceiling fan where you have to remember to turn it on and off, the AC is automatic. Simply set the thermostat to your preferred temperature, and the air conditioner takes care of it. 

Plus, with many smart thermostats you can set your HVAC system on a program. That means you can make your indoor cooler during certain hours, like when you’re sleeping. And with the advancement of smart home technology, with some thermostats you can change the setpoint from your smartphone or smart speaker. 

What About Comfort? 

Here’s the thing about comfort: it’s entirely personal. Many of us know all too well the phenomenon of one person feeling too warm while the another person close by shivers away. Comfort depends on many factors, like the clothes you are wearing and how much you weigh.

So, the very best solution to optimizing a person’s comfort is to give them personal control over the cooling devices. And no, that doesn’t mean each person gets to govern the thermostat for the day. 

HVAC units use refrigeration technology to mechanically cool the air in your entire home to a single temperature. Ceiling fans keep you comfortable using a wind chill effect. That means that you only feel the comfort of a ceiling fan if you’re in the room where it’s operating. 

A combination of ceiling fans – which offer personalized comfort – and air conditioning gives the best of both worlds. 

DTC is Not Comfortable Until You Are

So you’ve tried air conditioning, you’ve tried ceiling fans, and your home is still not comfortable. That’s a problem! And we’re here to help. Call our team at 512-887-5091 and we’d be happy to investigate. DTC Air Conditioning and Heating is the trusted, budget-friendly air conditioning service company in North Austin. We serve Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, and surrounding areas. 

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